OAGiTechs.com Email Setup

Updated 2024-03-14 

First let’s setup your account 

  1. Download the free Microsoft Authenticator app (from Microsoft Corporation) to your mobile device  
  2. On your computer, go to https://outlook.office.com/ and sign in using your email address and password 
  3. When prompted for ‘More info’, click [Next
  4. When prompted to ‘Start by getting the app’, click [Next
  5. When prompted to ‘Set up your account’, click [Next
  6. On your mobile device, open the Microsoft Authenticator app and click the [+] Plus icon, then select [Work or school account] and then select Scan QR code shown on the computer screen when prompted 
  7. Once the QR code scan has been completed, go back to your computer, and click [Next]. 
  8. When prompted on the computer with ‘Let’s try it out’ you will be given a 2 digit code and you will be prompted on your phone with ‘Are you trying to sign in?’.  Enter the 2 digit code from the computer and click [Yes
  9. Go back you the computer and click [Next].  In some cases, you will be prompted to enter an App password.  If you are, you can enter any password you choose that is between 8 and 16 characters long.  Then click [Next]. 
  10. You will be given a chance to copy the App password you entered for your records.  Then click [Done] and then click [Done] again. 
  11. You will be asked if you’d like to ‘Stay signed in?’, click [No]. 

Complete!  You should now be logged in and viewing your email box.  Go to the top right, click on your initials and select [Sign Out] when you are done. 

Now let’s setup email on your device 

You can sign into your email account in several ways.   

Mobile devices:  Both Android and iPhones have a built into Mail App.  For most devices your email address and password will be enough to set up your account.  You can also download the free Outlook App.  A third option is to check your email using the web portal at https://outlook.office.com/ 

Computers:  You can use your favorite email program such as Outlook.  For most applications your just need to email address, password and Microsoft Authenticator App.  You can also use the free web portal  at https://outlook.office.com/ 

For iOS (built-in Mail App) 

  1. Click on the [Settings] icon.
  2. Scroll down and click on [Mail
  3. Click on [Accounts
  4. Click on [Add Account
  5. You will be prompted to choose an account type.  Choose [Microsoft Exchange]  
  6. Enter your email address and a description (this is how the account will appear in your Mail app) and then click [Next].   
  7. You will be prompted to ‘Sign in to your “oagitechs.com” Exchange account using Microsoft?’  Click [Sign In]   
  8. You will then be prompted with ‘Settings Wants to use microsoftonline.com to sign in’.  Click [Continue]   
  9. Enter your password and click [Sign in]  
  10. You will be prompted to Authenticate your login.  Once complete you will be prompted to Accept the Permissions request.  After clicking [Accept] and it completes processing, you will be asked to select some preferences for the account.  Click [Save] then your done and the new account will be setup. 
  11. Your new email account will be available in the Mail App. 

For iOS (Outlook App) 

Download the free Outlook app and follow the instructions to setup using your email address, password and Microsoft Authenticator App. 

For Android devices 

You can use the built in Mail app on Android.  Many Android users have downloaded the free Outlook App which can be setup using your email address, password and Microsoft Authenticator App.   Android users can also use the free web portal  at https://outlook.office.com/ 

Note: Android devices vary greatly so if you run into trouble contact support at [email protected]