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    Basic Hand ToolsLaptop with Serial PortConsole CableSecurity Torx ScrewdriversFlashlightStud Finder6' LadderPunch ToolKrone BladeMod Plug CrimperAndroid PhoneiPadThumb DriveScanner

    Digital CameraLaptop with WiFiCordless DrillTorx ScrewdriversLable MakerStandard Socket SetFish Sticks66 Blade Cut & No CutBix BladeCoax CrimperBlackberryiPodAir CardHammer Drill

    Butt SetUSB to Serial CableDrill BitsTorpedo LevelCable Toner and Wand50' Fish TapeCable Pair Tester110 Blade Cut & No CutCable ScissorsiPhoneOther Cell PhoneNo Cell PhonePrinter

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    Reliable TransportationValid Drivers LicenseRoof RackClean ClothingSteel Toed Work Boots

    TruckFull Size VanJeansTennis Shoes

    Mini-VanPassenger CarCollared ShirtWork Boots

    Select your skills from the list below

    Run Voice and Data cable per local building codeExtend T1Terminate RJ-45 as 568ATerminate Fiber (Fusion)Install RouterUse ExcelUse inSSIDer

    Basic Troubleshooting of Telephone SystemsAdvanced Troubleshooting of Telephone SystemsExtend DSLTerminate RJ-45 as 568BTerminate Fiber (Unicam)Configure RouterImport and resize pictures in Excel

    Basic Telephone System InstallExtend Dial ToneExtend DS3Terminate Modular EndDaisy Chain Dial ToneInstall Network SwitchUse Netstumbler

    Respond to the below questions

    Question 1

    You have a work order to extend a T1 circuit from the basement Telco DMARC to an office suite on the 3rd floor. DMARC connects via feeder cable directly to the 3rd floor phone closet and it has available pairs. There are no available pairs to the suite from the 3rd floor phone closet. Please describe in detail how to extend this T1 circuit in to suite.

    Question 2

    You are assigned a work order to troubleshoot an analog POTS line that supports a fax line. Please describe at least 5 steps to your troubleshooting process including tools used?

    Question 3

    You are assigned a work order to troubleshoot a down Wireless Access Point. Tell me step by step through your troubleshooting process, at least 6 steps.

    Question 4

    Part (1) you are assigned a work order to install a kiosk floor mount and run Cat6 cabling to support. The kiosk must be mounted to the ground, it has 2 mounting holes for anchoring (floor is concrete). Power is provided for kiosk. Explain in detail including tools what you need to mount this kiosk to the floor.

    Part (2) The Cat6 cable must go above the drop ceiling and down the exterior of the concrete wall to connect the kiosk. The cable must be concealed coming down concrete wall and terminate in to a surface mount box. It connects to a Cat6 patch panel on other end. Explain in detail including tools how to complete this job.

    Question 5

    You are assigned a work order to install 50 data drops, split equally between 5 rooms. 3 in each room will be double face plates and the others are single. Room 1 is 100’ max, Room 2 is 120’ max, Room 3 is 150’ max, Room 4 is 50’ max, and room 5 is 75’ max.

    How many patch panels are needed?

    How many cables per room?

    How many single face plates and double face plates are needed in total?

    How many feet of cable do you need for Room 3?

    Check this box if you are sending sample pictures of completed work, then email them to [email protected]